Five Great Homemade Halloween Costume Ideas and One Lab Coat

Some costumes are simple to make, and once the pieces are purchased to make it the first time, they can be reused in the future. One homemade Halloween costume, for example, is a simple lab coat, the perfect choice when you are looking for a costume idea that will do double duty.

There are countless Halloween costume ideas inspired by this medical staple and all of them are sure to get a few laughs, screams, and giggles when worn on Halloween night.

The following are five unique homemade Halloween costume ideas, all of which can be made using a simple lab coat, face paint, and spooky Halloween spirit.

Mad scientist: This is always a very popular costume for Halloween. Many people who choose this costume will accessorize it by adding weird and wacky paraphernalia such as rubber toads, exploding beakers, crazy hair wigs, and fake blood, or even over sized eyeglasses. A mad scientist is a great choice for children as well as adults and is as fun to make, as it is to wear.

TV Doctor: With the number of followers for shows such as Grey’s Anatomy doubling every season, dressing as a doctor for Halloween has become increasingly popular. However, a mere lab coat will not make you into Dr. Mc Dreamy! Try adding a few Hollywood touches to your costume such as an exaggerated and over the top wig to portray Patrick Dempsey’s famous heartthrob Derek.

Ladies could also take part in the fun by accessorizing their lab coats with nametags and wearing humorous wigs. You are sure to get a few laughs when arriving at your Halloween party all dressed as characters from this now adored medical drama! Seriously!

Dr. Frankenstein: A true Halloween classic, this is one of those Halloween costume ideas that will never go out of style. By adding some crazy hair, a few fake limbs and some other ghoulish accessories anyone can arrive dressed as one of Halloween’s most celebrated scientists. This costume is also perfect for those who are celebrating as a couple, with one-half dressed as the studious doctor and the other as the clumsy and frightening monster creation!

Veterinarian: There are not many Halloween costume ideas that allow you to take your favorite furry pal along. But when you dress as a loving and compassionate vet, well… you may just need to have your canine companion by your side. This Halloween costume is also great for those who want as little make-up and costume clothing as possible such as teachers or day care providers. Simply adorned your white lab coat, add a few vet-like accessories and you are done! You can even place a fake furry critter in your pocket for a few laughs!

Crazed Surgeon: A wacky surgeon is perfect for those who believe that no Halloween costume ideas are compete without blood and gore! All you need for this idea is a few pints of fake blood, a fake scalpel or two, and, of course, your lab coat!

If you have a date for your Halloween haunt, suggest they dress as your unfortunate victim…umm…we mean patient. These fun and scary homemade Halloween costumes will have you voted the favorite costume at most any party.

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